Maintenance Responsibilities

Generally speaking, our governing documents address that the Association is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Common Elements. The Association shall maintain, repair, and replace all physical assets designated as Common Elements, whether located inside or outside the Units. Unit owners are obligated to maintain, repair, and replace physical assets designated as within the boundaries of their Units or certain Limited Common Elements. The three types of Elements are:

Common Elements means all portions of the Co-op other than the Units. Portions of the walls, floor, and ceilings are considered part of the Common Elements. Any portion serving more than one Unit, including carports, or any portion of the Common Elements is a part of the Common Elements for definitional purposes.

Unit means a portion of the Co-op designated for separate ownership or occupancy, the boundaries of which are described in the Declaration. The boundaries of each Unit are defined as the interior unfinished surfaces of exterior perimeter walls, middle of interior demising walls, floor, ceiling, doors and windows of Unit, any wallboard, plaster, paint, tile, wallpaper, etc. All spaces, interior partitions, other fixtures and improvements, within the boundaries of a Unit, are part of the Unit.

Limited Common Elements means any air conditioning or heating units, duct, wire, conduit, other fixture, whether located within or outside of the boundaries of a Unit, which serve only that Unit or are allocated solely to that Unit. Any shutters, lanai, balconies, patios, boat docks, exterior doors, other fixtures designed to serve a single Unit, but located outside the Unit’s boundaries are Limited Common Elements allocated exclusively to that Unit.

Please submit common element maintenance requests to Newell Property Management.